Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Port Aransas

After a super busy summer, we headed to Port Aransas for some rest and relaxation with our good friends the Grimsleys. Is there such a thing as a restful and relaxing vacation with toddlers? Probably not. We did have a lot of fun though, Matthew and I got incredibly sunburned, and our kids made a lot of good memories. 

Had to stop at Buc-ees

Will, Jordan, and Jackie

Julie & Jameson




They were very proud of their sand castle! 
Conversation between Will & I as I'm helping build the above sand castle:

Will: I'm the boss and you're my worker.
Me: Yes sir, foreman. Don't I get paid for all this work?
Will: You can have a dollar.
Me: Where's my dollar?
Will: The sand castle isn't finished yet!
Me: That's right man. Don't pay anyone until they have finished the job.


Will loved playing some baseball in the water. 

Jordan, Will, Jackie, Reese, & Jameson

Our house for the week. I've always wanted to live in a yellow house.

There was a swimming pool right in front of our beach house that we swam in everyday. 

Will made huge strides swimming this week! He learned to swim without any floaties. In the picture above, he jumped in and swam across the short length of the pool by himself. He also learned how to dive. 

One of her most gorgeous pictures! 
We had to stop by the Silos at Magnolia for a visit on our way home. I had to see what all the talk was about. 

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