Sunday, July 5, 2015

Reese - 2 Years Old

Dear Reese,

You are two years old already. You weigh 26.5 pounds (49%), are 34" tall (56%), and your head circumference is in the 95 percentile.

You are not a baby anymore and haven't been for awhile, but you love to pretend that you are a baby. You fake cry and roll around on the ground until someone picks you up, cradles you, and sings you a lullaby. Your favorite is "Go to sleepy little baby..." You are going to be a wonderful mother some day. You received a ton of baby dolls for your birthday and you carry them all around the house, swaddle them, shush them, and soothe them until they stop crying. If you see a real baby, you want to hold them, change their diaper, and kindly pet them.

You love big brother Will so much. You two chase each other around the house, play "train" with your blankets, he reads to you, and you love to play "monster" and wrestle with daddy. You are both still learning to share, but you are quick to apologize and hug if either of you upset the other. Will tries to boss you around, but you will be bossed by no one.

You love to color with crayons, paint, and draw with chalk. The first thing you drew was a snake. You know your colors very well and practice them often. You can also count to 12 easily and with a little help can make it to 20. The comments I hear most often are how well you can talk for your age and look at those gorgeous curls!

A couple of weeks after you turned 2, we got rid of the pacifier. It was a rough couple of days but you did great. You love to play the game "Does Possum have a paci? No! He's a big boy. Does Gigi have a paci? No! She's a big girl."

 You are such a girly girl and I love that about you! You like to have your hair braided, your toes painted, wear jewelry and carry a purse. You love to put a on a pretty dress. Even though you are girly, you are definitely not afraid to get dirty. You are strong willed, but very kind.

We love you Reese! You are precious to us and to the Lord. We pray that we can be good parents to you, that you will love God and others, that you will have good friends who will encourage you and that God will bless your life.

Thank you J Clinton Photography for taking these gorgeous photographs!

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