Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Will's 4th Birthday Party

On the morning before Will's 4th birthday, we took him and Reese to get donuts, which is one of his most favorite foods. 

We celebrated Will's 4th birthday one day early since his birthday fell on a Sunday. We had the entire family over to our house, all 27 of us. It was such a blast! This might be my favorite party we have had for him. We grilled hot dogs, ate cookies & cake pops, opened gifts and then let the kids run in the sprinklers. So. much. fun. 

Will requested that I do a repeat of the train cookies that I made last year except they should be blue like Gordon the train who is the #4 train in Thomas & Friends. He has such a great memory! I was going to keep it simple by making cupcakes, but we drove through Starbucks a week before the party and got cake pops and he requested we have cake pops instead. 

Will got a new bicycle, lots of Paw Patrol gear, and plenty of firefighter books and puzzles. 

Will & Henry

Pampaw (James) Byars

Will & Reese

Sweet Harper


Aunt Kristen & Josh

Grammy (JoAnna) Byars & G.G.



Kristen, Lauren & Andrea

Kendall & Andrea

Pa (Bill) Kirkpatrick & Ma (Melba) Kirkpatrick


Grandma, Will & Possum

G-Daddy, Kristen, Kendall, Andrea & Baby Cooper

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