Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Thanksgiving & Christmas

So, I'm way behind on the blog. No excuses.

Yes. We are raking in shorts and tanks in December. 

Thanksgiving was a little different this year. My dad had knee replacement surgery the Monday before Thanksgiving, so I went to Abilene on Sunday to help out. My in-laws kept the kids until Matthew could get to their house on Wednesday. I basically left my parents house for about 2 hours to have Thanksgiving with my in-laws and then went back to take care of my dad. God blessed him greatly and allowed his knee to heal properly, but it was still rough on him the first week. 

Party at school

Watching Frozen with Henry

Christmas was so much fun this year. Will was really into it and asked tons of questions about Santa and when he would get here. We spent Christmas at my parents house where we went to a candlelight service on Christmas Eve, ate a huge brunch after all the gifts were unwrapped and then had a wonderful dinner that evening. It was a lot of cooking and cleaning, but so much fun and very yummy. 

Will got lots of firetrucks and other rescue vehicles. 

First school performance: Singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer


New PJs

Will & Fisher Weatherford

After their dentist appointments

Cookie decorating at the Tutoring Christmas Party

Movie night

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