Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Reese - 18 Months

Dear Reese,

You are eighteen months old and so independent and sassy. You weigh 23 pounds (30%), are 32.5 inches tall (75%) and you head circumference is in the 96 percentile. You are obviously going to be very smart considering the size of your brain.

The whole time I was trying to take pictures of you, you were going, going, going. You never stop moving for a minute. You may come over to give me a hug around the leg, but then you are gone again. It was so frustrating, but at the same time I love how busy you are and your curiosity.

You are very friendly at times. You love to wave at people, say "hi!", blow kisses and give high fives. You talk sooo much! You love to sing "Jesus Loves Me" and you have learned some new phrases and words. You can say thank you, here you go, help please, sorry, eyes, more please, bubbles, bow, bird, and you can repeat almost any word we ask you to say. 

You love, love, love to read. You can sit in your room sometimes up to 30 minutes just reading to yourself. By that time, you have pulled almost every book off the shelf. I love that you love to read. I call you the little destroyer because you love to undo. You go through our cabinets and pull out all the bottles, take all of the toys out of the basket, take all of the kleenexes out of the box, etc, but you are always happy to help clean up. 

You have the most gorgeous gray/blue eyes. You get those from your G-Daddy. Everyone always comments on how much they love your hair. I'm so happy you inherited your daddy's curls. Your hair is getting so long. It is hard to find a way to clip it back so that it is not in your eyes because you are constantly pulling your bows out and asking for me to put them back in your hair. 

You love to show us what you have found. You immediately stuck this rock or berry in your mouth after this photo. 

This is a common face when Will is bothering you. Y'all get along so well but sometimes he can be a little bossy and you can be a little crazy. 

You are so happy now that it is time to eat! It is your favorite time of the day! You are not afraid to try new foods and will eat almost everything that is on our plates. You even love spicy foods. You like hot sauce and queso. 

We love you so much Reese! You are a joy to be around and such a beautiful little girl. We pray that God blesses you greatly and that you always seek Him. 

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