Monday, August 18, 2014

Rockport Beach Vacation

Last week we took a beach vacation to Rockport, TX with our good friends, the Grimsleys. We spent two days at the beach until our skin was fried and then spent our last day in Port Aransas where we got to ride on a ferry, watch sea turtles, eat a picnic and get ice cream. The kids did a great job of playing together and sharing. We love the Grimsleys now more than ever. They are an amazing family! 

Special thanks to Justin for sharing his photos. They are the gorgeous ones! 

The water was so shallow which was perfect for our kids. Matthew walked out more than a quarter mile before he had to start dog paddling. 

Will, Jordan, & Jackie

The house that we rented was on a canal which was perfect for fishing in the evenings. 

These are the sweetest sisters you will ever meet!

Jackie, Julie, Justin, Jordan, & Baby J #3

Watching the Lion King


Tons of picture taking

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