Thursday, August 7, 2014

Reese - 1 Year Old

Dear Reese,

You are one year old. You weigh around 20 lbs (31%) and your height is 28 5/8 inches (34%) but your head is in the 92th percentile. You still have itty bitty feet. You are wearing a size 3 - 6 month shoe when you are actually wearing shoes. You are not a big fan. You have the most gorgeous blue eyes and brown hair that gets really curly when you get sweaty. You are so beautiful. Sometimes it takes my breath away how beautiful you are and I wonder how did I end up with such a gorgeous baby?

I was kind of surprised when they said your weight was in the 31st percentile because you love to eat. When I say "love to eat" what I mean is if there is food in your line of sight then you want it NOW. Once you start eating it is really hard to know when to tell you to stop because you definitely eat more that Will and you almost eat as much as me. For breakfast, you may have a bowl of oatmeal, half a banana, and a bowl of Cheerios. I'm usually full after one bowl of cereal. I love that you are not a picky eater and are willing to try anything. The only food we have come across that you don't care for is potatoes (not including french fries). You didn't like mashed potatoes or roasted potatoes. You have basically tried everything on my plate for the last month or so. You still only have 2 teeth! 

You are not walking yet but you can get around the house quickly! You can crawl very fast and you have no problem using the wall as support to go from the living room to the kitchen to the hallway. We have to be so careful to keep the bathroom doors closed and the cabinets locked. 

You are such a happy baby (unless you are waiting on food). Your brother, Will, does a fairly good job of sharing his food and toys with you, but sometimes he will yank a toy out of your hand and you just go on to the next one. Y'all play so well together. He loves you so much and you just adore him. 

You can wave and blow kisses now. You also know how to make a very good barking noise. You always bark if you see a dog. You use the same barking noise for other animals too. 

You love to read! You are very good at turning the pages when I'm reading you a story and you love to sit and look at the pictures in your books on your own. 

Reese, we love you so much and can't imagine our life without you. You bring so much laughter and joy to our lives. We feel so blessed that God gave you to us. We pray that you will be a strong, courageous woman for Christ. 

A special thanks to J Clinton Photography for taking our precious baby's photos! 

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