Friday, May 16, 2014

The Ugliest Thing I've Ever Made

Ok, ugly might be a strong word, but I do not like how this little romper turned out. I bought this pattern, and didn't realize that A, it has a seam running right down the middle of it and B, it doesn't have any snaps or buttons in the crotch. I was disappointed in the pattern. Then, as I started to stitch my pieces together (I had already cut them out when I realized the flaws in the pattern), I immediately decided that these fabrics don't look great together. Mid-project I whined to my husband about how terrible it was going and he said, "Just scrap it. It's fine." But I can't. I'm a "finisher." I can't stand to leave projects undone, so I finished it. 

I don't hate it as much as when I started it.

Then this little girl put it on, and everything changed. She totally rocks the romper. Of course, she would look adorable in a paper sack, but it made all of my labor worth it. 


It is also reversible. 

I decided to post this to remind myself that it is ok to fail. It doesn't mean that every fabric I choose from here on out will be terrible and every project a disaster. I just need to try again. 

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