Monday, May 5, 2014

Reese - 10 Months

Dear Reese,

You are 10 months old today, weigh about 19 pounds and are acting so big. You are so frustrated that you can't crawl or walk yet. You want so badly to get toys that are just out of reach or walk from the coffee table to the ottoman. You will be so much happier when you learn those skills, but I'm enjoying the last few days of ease until you become more mobile. 

You enjoy all kinds of baby food except rice cereal and have tried oyster crackers and grapes. No teeth yet! 

You have learned how to spit; very lady-like of you. You will spit and as soon as Will hears you, he will come running so that he can join in on the fun. Will and you can sit forever just spitting at each other. I try to tell you to stop but it is actually really cute. 

I love those cheeks! 

You can clap and wave. 

You love Will so much and he loves you. You have started trying to talk to him in your cute baby gibberish. He will repeat whatever made up word you just said and you will give him a huge smile. It is so sweet!

We tried to take pictures too close to bedtime. 

You are different from Will in that you enjoy playing in the dirt and getting your hands dirty. The whole time I was trying to take your picture, the only thing you wanted to do was get handfuls of dirt and examine them. 

We love you Reese and can't even remember what our family was like without you. I can't believe in two short months you will be one! You are a blessing. 

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