Saturday, May 3, 2014

Will's 3rd Birthday

Dear Will,

Today you turned 3 years old. You weigh 32.5 pounds and are wearing size 3T clothing. You love to play baseball, love the Rangers, and are obsessed with trains; in particular, Thomas the Train. You are a picky eater who will not eat any meat unless it is pepperoni pizza or ground beef mixed into spaghetti sauce. You refuse to try any new foods. You have an incredible memory and can memorize books and verses from the Bible quickly. You adore Reese and are a very good brother to her. You are so sweet and very obedient. You love to go to the Botanical Gardens, the zoo, and the museum. You are speaking very well and add new phrases to your vocabulary every week. 

We had your birthday with some of your closest friends at the park by the zoo. We ate brunch, ran around, opened gifts and then rode the Forest Park Miniature Train. The weather was perfect and you had so much fun! 

You don't like cake, so we opted for donuts and cookies instead.

I asked you about some of your favorites and here are your answers: 

Best Friend - Fisher Weatherford
Favorite Color - Red
Favorite Thing to Do - Work (?)
Favorite Food - Donuts
Favorite Toy - Thomas the Train
What You Want to Be When You Grow Up - Train Engineer
What Makes You Happy - God
Favorite TV Show - Thomas the Train
Favorite Movie - Aristocats
Favorite Book - The Little Engine That Could
Favorite Candy - Fruit Snacks
Favorite Birthday Gift - Lightning McQueen Gift Bag

Will & Henry

Will did NOT want to blow out his birthday candle, so Henry helped him out. 

Jackie & Will

Possum, Grandma & Sawyer

Sam, Henry, & Amy

Will & Gigi

Sarah, Bekah, and Luke Vickers

Jackie, Julie, and Jordan Grimsley

Bekah & Fisher Weatherford
Unfortunately, when we got home Will was running a fever and feeling terrible, so we hung around the house for the rest of the day. 

We love you so much Will! 

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