Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Will loved Easter this year! He got to do 3 Easter egg hunts: one at a local church, one at our church: Southside Church of Christ, and one at his great-grandmother's house. We got to spend a lot of time with our church family at LTC in Dallas and eat lunch with our extended family.

Will was not concerned about getting a lot of eggs. He was more concerned about what was in the egg. While the other children were running furiously around gathering eggs, Will would pick up an egg and say "What's in this egg?" with big eyes. He would slowly open it and a big smile would spread across his face as he discovered another piece of candy or a sticker or a quarter. At the Southside egg hunt, he only ended up with about 8 eggs but he was completely cool with that. I love him so much!

Reese looked beautiful, of course, in her Easter dress. I love dressing her up!

Will & Jordan

Will & Sarah

Will & Henry

Katherine & Will - Matching Seersucker

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