Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Reese - 6 Months

Dear Reese,

Today you are six months old. You weigh 17 lbs (68%), are 27 inches tall (89%) and you head circumference is in the 93%. You are such a big, healthy girl, but your feet are still so tiny! You are wearing size 1 shoes which are meant for 0-3 month olds and they are big on your feet. You are also wearing size 6 months in clothes but you can easily fit into the size 9 month clothes as well because of your height. 

You smile a lot and talk very loudly if we are not paying attention to you. You love to watch your big brother, Will, play and you love to play rough with Daddy. 

This month you started sitting up by yourself. You can do that for about a minute before you lose your balance. You are also so close to being able to roll from your back to your stomach.

You like to have something in your mouth at all times. People ask me all the time if you are teething (which you aren't yet) because you always have a finger, a fist or both hands in your mouth. 

You love to bounce in your doorway swing but you don't like to stay in one place for too long. 

You still have blueish grey eyes and dark brown hair although it is falling out and thinning. It is just as crazy as ever. 

You are still waking up around 5:30 AM to eat, but I'm hoping that will change soon since we are about to start you on solid foods. 


Trying to eat the pig

You rub your eyes when you get sleepy and you still let me rock you to sleep. That is something that I love to do and I cherish those moments because I know soon you will be too old for that. 

We love you!

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