Monday, October 7, 2013

Reese - 3 Months

Dear Reese,

You are three months old. You weigh about 13.5 pounds and are growing bigger everyday. You wear size 3-6 months and even some of the smaller 6 month size clothing. You have tiny feet though, so those little piggies need to hurry and catch up to the rest of your body because almost all of your shoes are too big and it is starting to get cold. 

You are so easy going. That is one of the main questions I get asked. "Is she always this laid back?" or "That is the best baby I have ever seen!" It is wonderful because I can take you anywhere and not have to worry about you having a meltdown. 

Your eyes are still blue but your hair is getting lighter and thinner. People like to guess what hair color you are going to end up with and most people say dark like mine. 

You are sleeping through the night. Yay!!! I usually feed you around 10:30 and you don't eat again until around 6:00. It is heaven to get to sleep for six or seven hours straight. 

You are smiling so much now and have started talking a lot. I think you are going to be really social because you love to smile at anyone you make eye contact with and can talk my ear off. I can't wait to hear what all you have been trying to tell me.  

You rolled over for the first time in the last week from your stomach to your back. You are getting so strong and can hold your head up so well. 

You love to stick your fist in your mouth if your pacifier is no where to be found. 

Sometimes both fists. 

You love when I give you a bath, but if Daddy ever tries you scream and cry. I don't know what it is. We do it exactly the same way. 

Reese, we love you so much and your smile brings us tons of joy. We love how patient you are with Will when he steps on you or puts stickers on your forehead. You are so precious to us. We are praying that we will have the wisdom to teach you how to be a strong woman who loves God. 

Party's over. 

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