Thursday, September 5, 2013

Reese - 2 Months Old

Dear Reese,

Today, you are two months old. I hate that I had to take you to the doctor on your 2 month birthday to get shots but you did great! You are very healthy: 12 lbs 5 oz (86th percentile), 23.25 inches tall (83rd percentile) and your head circumference is in the 81st percentile. Sorry...all Morgan babies have large heads. You are already wearing 3-6 month size clothing. I just hope you will get to wear some of the winter clothes that I and others bought for you that is size 6 months. It is still so hot right now.

You are a very sleepy baby. You sleep about 14 - 15 hours a day and you can sleep through just about anything. That is good because your little brother is constantly trying to love on you and is being a loud little 2 year old boy. You are going 5-6 hours between feedings at night, which is amazing because I am finally getting 7-8 hours of sleep at night. 

I hope you know that Will loves you so much, even when he accidentally lays on your arm, or "shows" you his school bus too roughly, or squeezes too tight when he hugs you. He absolutely adores you. You are lucky to have such a good older brother. 

Will can never resist laying down by you and snuggling with you when I put you on a blanket on the floor.

You started smiling at 6 weeks and it makes my day when I see you find me with your eyes and light up. It makes me happy to know that I make you happy.

You are such a cuddle bug. You love to be held and as long as you are snuggled in my arms you are content. 

We already love you so much Reese and know that your daddy and I are praying for you that you will grow up to be a Godly woman, and that He will give us wisdom on how to raise you. You give us so much joy! 

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