Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Independence Day

This year, we went to Thell and Angelica White's house for the 4th of July. It was so much fun! They grilled hamburgers, let us swim in their pool, and had tons of firecrackers for us to pop. There were quite a few people there from our church. 

Eating snow cones with Caroline and Britni

Will preferred to mostly stay out of the pool and throw balls and water balloons to the people swimming. 

We tried so hard to get a good picture of the two boys, smiling and both looking at the camera, but it just wasn't going to happen.

Around 7:00 pm, I started having contractions, so I quietly downloaded an app to track how often and how long they were. Around 8:30 pm, my sister-in-law, Amy, let me know that Thell had just told her if she wanted a good nights rest she should make a hotel reservation because the streets would be so crowded from people wanting to see the fireworks display done by the city of Crowley. That freaked me out! I immediately went and told Matthew that we should probably head back early just in case.

On the way home my contractions started to get more intense, so we called our good friend Lisa Kile to come and stay with Will so we could go get checked out at the hospital. When I was in labor with Will, my water broke first and then I started having contractions. I wasn't sure if this was the real deal or not.

We got to the hospital around 10:30 pm and saw tons of fireworks on the way. Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays, second to Christmas and I was kind of bummed that we were missing all the fireworks, but I was so excited to go to the hospital and see if we would be having a baby soon.

They checked to see if my water had broke, and sure enough it had. I had no idea that your water could break like sticking a tiny pin in a balloon and it could be leaking out slowly all day. I felt terrible! Once your water breaks, your baby is susceptible to infection and you should go to the hospital immediately. It is possible that my water could have broken in the morning and now it was almost midnight and I was just going to the hospital. I immediately prayed that God would protect baby Reese, and he answered my prayer.

Stay tuned....

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