Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nursery Projects

I have been busy trying to get Reese's nursery transformed from a calm, cool baby boy nursery to a very feminine, bright baby girl nursery. Since Will came 3.5 weeks early, and being the crazy planner that I am, I am determined to get everything finished before she gets here. Over the next few days, I want to share some of the projects I have been working on.

The first project I want to share is a simple cardboard letter update. I purchased these cardboard letters at JoAnn but I think you can get them at most craft stores. I got out my glue gun (which of course I burned myself with multiple times) and started wrapping the yarn and gluing every so often. I used two large skeins of yarn for the big letter "M" and 1.5 medium skeins for each of the small letters. Make sure that you cut small strands of yarn and glue them over the ends or other hard to wrap places before you began. I covered a few ends but got so anxious to get started that I didn't finish and it made my job a lot harder down the road.

If you want to attempt this project, let me warn you: this will take way, way longer than you think. I read that on someone else's blog and thought, nah, it won't take that long. It does. I worked on these letters for a good week. A guy friend of mine and my husband who hangs out at our house a few times a week asked "Are you still working on those letters?"

I made the flowers out of some leftover material from this chair I recovered and just hot glued them to the letters.

I got my inspiration from this pinterest post:

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