Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Do-It-Yourself Onesies

Along with my burp cloth addiction, I have a onesie addiction as well. I made sure to leave at least one plain white onesie, but I'm thinking of digging through Will's old newborn clothes just to find more onesies to decorate. The possibilities are endless and it only takes a tiny scrap of fabric.

This bird almost drove me crazy! This is try number two. The first time, I tried a new stitch and my sewing machine jammed up creating a huge hole in the onesie. It is hard to tell, but the tail of the bird isn't on the onesie very straight.

On this onesie, I sewed part of the front to the back, so there is a nice set of small holes on the backside where I had to rip it out.

This cupcake also didn't turn out straight. I had to rip out the cupcake liner (the pink striped fabric) once but at least I was able to cover up all of the holes that it left by shifting the fabric down a little bit. As you can tell, it was not an easy crafting day. I was so frustrated at the end of the day that I just had to walk away and try again later in the week.

I didn't even bother sewing this little bunting on. Just iron and go.

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