Friday, May 3, 2013

2 Years Old

About a year ago
Dear Will,

Today you turned two years old and this will be your last birthday as an only child. I can't wait to see how you and Reese will interact. I know you will be a great older brother. Reese doesn't know it yet, but you have already given her tons of kisses and have worked really hard on pronouncing her name. She is so lucky to have you as a brother.


You weigh around 27 pounds and have the eating habits of your daddy; you don't eat a whole lot. Every morning you start your day with a big breakfast: a banana, oatmeal, and sometimes Cheerios. Then at lunch, you usually just want some crackers and fruit (usually grapes or mandarin oranges) and for dinner you are happy to have a yogurt, crackers, and a little of our dinner (as long as it is pizza, spaghetti, french fries, or bread). You used to eat vegetables and a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch but you have grown tired of these items. I worry that you are not getting the nutrition that you need, but I am comforted by similar stories from other mommies. You have also discovered fruit snacks, Reeses Pieces, M&Ms, sour gummies, snow cones, and ice cream. These, of course, are your preferred food choices.

You are in love with bubbles! You can say "bubbles" really well, you want bubbles in every bath and you want to blow bubbles every time we go outside. To you, every circle on a page is a bubble.

You have been sleeping in your big boy bed for several months now and are a pro. We used to pull the trundle bed out in case you fell out of the bed but it has been over a month since you have fallen out so we don't do that anymore. Ever since you moved to your big bed you have only snuck out of your room a couple of times. I shouldn't be surprised that you transitioned so smoothly because you have been the best child a mother could hope for. You are so easy going and obedient. I'm sure in the future we will have trying times with you, but you have made my job as your mom so easy.

You are obsessed with trains, planes, buses, cars, motorcycles and dinosaurs right now. You love to watch Thomas the Train on TV, point out every plane in the sky, put your hand up to your ear if you hear a train passing by, and point out every bus and car that you see on the road. After you see a plane or bus, you always ask for more as if I could just summon more planes or buses to pass by. You also like the song "The Wheels on the Bus" and will watch every video on YouTube that has been created for this song (same with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star).

Technology is a huge part of your life. It is amazing to see how easy it is for you to navigate an iPhone or iPad and play videos on YouTube. I can tell it is going to be a struggle to balance playing outside, reading books, and playing sports with watching TV, playing games on my phone and watching videos on Daddy's computer.

You love for your dad to get on the floor and throw pitches for you to swing at. You can say "Strike one, strike two, strike three, you're out!" You also love shooting baskets. I can't wait until you are old enough so that we can take you to the tennis courts and teach you to play tennis.

You are still very friendly. When we pass people on the street during our walks, or pass people in the store, you are always eager to wave at them and say "hi". It makes others so happy. You love to say "Who's that?" or "What's that?" You want to know everyone's name and the name of every object on earth. You are learning so much. You are also very good at saying "thank you." You say it so often now, I rarely have to prompt you to say it. I love that you have good manners! Now if I can just get you to say "excuse me".

Little Blue Truck is one of your favorite books. We have read it so much that you pretty much have it memorized. You also love Giraffes Can't Dance right now. I'm pretty sick of the book but every night, that is what you want to read. You like to have a little stuffed giraffe to hold while we read the story. It's pretty cute.

We love you so much and are so proud of the little boy that you have become. I pray that God gives you wisdom and the courage to be bold for Him. You are going to do great things.

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