Saturday, November 17, 2012

18 Months Old

Dear Will, 

A few weeks ago you turned 18 months. It seems like it was just a month ago that we were celebrating your 1 year old birthday. You have always been fun, but you are really, really fun now. You understand so much of what we say and are trying to repeat lots of words. 

You weigh 24.4 lbs (26%), are 32.25 inches tall (45%) and your head is 19.25 inches in circumference (78%). I can already tell you are going to be skinny like your daddy. 

You can say dada, mama, dog, duck, woof woof, eyes, boys, hello, hi, nana (banana), please, yes and rice. You can sign more, done, milk, eat, crackers, grapes, thank you, please, and yes. You are blowing kisses, giving hugs & kisses, giving high fives and fist bumps and shaking hands. 

You love to read. You have tons of toys but you mostly read books. We are so proud of you! You definitely want to be like your Daddy and are completely obsessed with him. You follow him around and are so happy when he gets home from work. I'm so glad I stay home with you during the day or I might not get any attention from you. 

The following pictures were taken by Margaret Woodul for a school project. 

You also like to pretend to talk on the phone. Anytime you hear a phone ring, you put your little hand up to your ear as if you are holding a phone and say "Yeah!" or "Hello!"

Getting a haircut

You are such a good helper! You love to get out the mop and the broom and pretend like you are cleaning the floors. I can't wait until you can really help me clean. 

You are very bossy. You like to get our hands and lead us around to do what you want us to do. You love to push buttons, particularly the ones on the washing machine and dryer and the button that unlocks the car. You love being outside and it is finally cool enough to go out and not be bothered by mosquitoes. 

You are getting tons of teeth, so your shirt is usually soaked from drool. You have 12 or 13 teeth now.

You love to watch kid's Spanish videos on YouTube. You are constantly demanding that we watch more videos. I would love for you to learn Spanish, so I try to speak Spanish to you everyday. 

We love you so much Will! It is hard to imagine life without you and all the joy you bring. 

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