Thursday, October 4, 2012

Living Room Redo

I finally have enough of the living room completed that I can show you pictures of my progress. Below, is my before picture. My living room was dominated by reds, blacks, purples, and golds. It started becoming very dark, and that is when I realized I needed a change. 


I started by painting all of my furniture white. Then I picked new fabric for the curtains and the rest of the color scheme came from my custom curtains. I recovered an old chair from a previous post with blue chevron fabric, sewed new pillows for the sofa, and purchased a new rug from Ballard Design. After all that, I felt like something was still missing, so I painted some orange on the top of my coffee table. 

I also got new lamps from Pier 1.

I spray painted some existing frames blue to tie everything together. 

I also wanted new curtains for the sliding glass door that goes out to the back yard. I really, really, wanted horizontal, fat stripes, but the fabric is non-existent. I had almost given up until I saw this picture in the West Elm magazine. I was so excited! I ended up purchasing a king-sized duvet, taking it apart, and made two panels from it. I still have enough left over that I could make two more panels. I tried really hard to take a picture of it, but couldn't get the picture to take since there was so much natural light coming in, so you will just have to imagine how awesome it looks. 

I still want to do a photo collage, some new artwork, and make a curtain for my kitchen window, but the room is finally coming together. 

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  1. Maybe you could try this technique on linen for your fat stripes: