Thursday, July 26, 2012

Camp Blue Haven

A week and a half ago we left for Camp Blue Haven which is located near Las Vegas, NM. It is an amazing camp and our youth group kids love it. They start counting down the days until they get to return as soon as they are back home. It takes about 9 hours to drive there. Will was terrible for the first two hours, and I thought to myself, "We are never going to make it." However, he calmed down after that and was great. Camp is great for adults because our only responsibilities were to teach Bible class for 1.75 hours each day and to help serve meals. That means we got a lot of free time.

Listening to music on the way to camp

My sleeping boys

Photo courtesy of John Clinton Photography

Will loved to swing! "Swing" was the first word we had to start spelling out in front of him, because if you said "Swing" you better believe you were taking him to swing right then. I was afraid of this swing at first because there was nothing to hold him in, but he did a great job of holding on tight. He is getting so big! 

My chunky monkey

John, Will, and June
John Clinton was amazing with Will. Will loved him and would always go to him to be held. John always obliged and helped us out so much this week by playing with him so we would get the chance to serve. 

Will's new friend, June

Ever since Will started walking, he doesn't want to cuddle anymore. He has better things to be doing. One afternoon, he didn't want to take his nap, so I took him outside to lay in the hammock. The camp was silent because all of the kids were gone on a hike, the temperature was around 80 and there was a breeze blowing. It was pure heaven. I didn't want this moment to ever end. 

Matthew and I climbed the rock wall and zipped down. So much fun! 

Playing in the stream. It was ice cold!

Throwing rocks

Terrified of Ben

Banquet Night

Will & Paul

Will & Sarah

Mentor Group

Swinging some more

Will loves to go up and down steps. He went in and out of our cabin dozens of times. He also learned to fist bump and blow kisses on this trip. 

Will and Mrs. Sarah

Amazing photo courtesy of John Clinton Photography

When we got back home, we spent some quality time with the youth group at the Jackson's home. Will loved the pool this time! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

4th of July

During the week of the 4th of July, Matthew took the youth group on a mission trip to Atlanta, Georgia. The mission trip was going to be way too fast paced for Will and I so we opted to go to Abilene to visit both sets of grandparents. We were greatly spoiled! They took us out to eat, cooked for us, we swam, went to the zoo, and watched fireworks. Will loved the fireworks! I was surprised. They started an hour and a half past his normal bedtime and each time there was a lull in the show he would point to the sky and demand more. Here are some pictures from the week: 

Will and Papa Greenlee

Will & G-Daddy

Will & Brinkley

Will & G.G.

Will & Mommy

He liked the pool this time!

On the train at the zoo

Having a snack at the zoo

Will & Possum

Walking like crazy now

Grandma, Will & Possum

Looking at birds; G-Daddy didn't get the memo

Waiting for the fireworks to start