Sunday, May 6, 2012

Will's First Birthday Party

The day of Will's birthday was a Thursday, so we had my grandparents and Uncle Will over for lunch to celebrate.

Will and Pampaw Byars

We actually celebrated Will's birthday on that Saturday and almost the entire family was able to make it. We did a baseball theme, of course. I am trying subliminally to get Will to love baseball. We ate hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, sunflower seeds, and peanuts. 

Aunt Kristen and Jared

Aunt Meredith and Will

Grandma and Cousin Henry

The boys enjoyed throwing the baseball and the frisbee. 

Uncle Sam
Uncle Christopher

Uncle Nathan

Will and G.G.

Aunt Katie and Aunt Meredith

Uncle Sam and Cousin Henry

Aunt Amy and Cousin Henry

I hung a photo timeline to show just how much Will has grown over the last year. 

My good friend, Robyn, came over the night before the party and helped me decorate his cake and his cupcakes. I never knew how long cake decorating could take! 

We also had homemade ice cream sandwiches for dessert. 

I made him a special Texas Rangers t-shirt to wear to his party. It is exactly the same as his halloween costume except it is not a onesie.

Proud Grandpas

After dinner, we also played some bocce ball. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Will's 1st Birthday

Dear Will,

You are one year old today. People said the time would go by quickly, and it really has. You weigh 21 lbs (21%); you are 30.5 inches tall (71%); and your head circumference is in the 88%. (Don't worry. All Morgan babies have big heads an you will grow into it.)

You have a total of four teeth now; 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom. It is amazing how much food you can chew with just those 4 teeth. 

You are trying all kinds of new sounds. Dad said he heard you say "Will" the other day and I could have sworn that you tried to say "Kristen".

You are solely on whole milk and table foods now. You like to eat yogurt, grilled cheese sandwiches, pears, mixed vegetables, bananas, kiwi, Ritz crackers, Goldfish, Cheerios, pineapple, frozen grapes, and strawberries. It was a difficult transition from formula in a bottle to milk in a sippy cup, but you like it now. 

You have really slowed down on you weight gain because you are moving so much more now. You are not walking on your own yet, but you really don't need help walking either. I think you have no desire to be independent from me or Daddy. It makes you mad when we try to make you walk on your own and you are very content to hold our hand as you do. (No crawling either.)

You love your Daddy. You love to wrestle together, tickle, and play lots of other rough-housing, guys only games. 

You give your Mommy tons of sweet kisses and hugs. I love so much to cradle you as I put you to sleep. I know those days will be over soon, so I am trying to enjoy every second I can get. 

You love to go on walks with Mommy in your stroller each day. That is such a special time for us to be together. 


You love music! Every time we turn music on, you start dancing by moving your head back and forth and sometimes bouncing. It is so cute! 

You hate to get your hands dirty. You didn't want anything to do with the sticky icing. You also won't pick up any food that is wet or slimy. Dry foods are the only way to get you to feed yourself. You get that from your Dad. 

You were so done at this point.

We love you Will and look forward to many more years with you if it is God's will. We pray that we can be good parents who will shape you into the man God wants you to be. 

Thank you so much to John Clinton who took these great pictures for us. We are so blessed to be friends with you.