Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rangers Game

We went to our first Texas Rangers game of the season. My sister, Kristen, won tickets at her office to see the Rangers play the Yankees, so she invited Matthew, me, little Will and big Will to go. We got to see Pudge Rodriguez retire. And although the Rangers lost, we still had a great time. By the end of the game, Will was pretty tired, and anytime the crowd erupted, he would burst into tears. It was both adorable and sad at the same time. Here are some pictures from the night.

Before the game

Nolan Ryan and Pudge Rodriguez

My sis and me

Little Will and Big Will
(Little Will wanted to be in Big Will's lap the whole game. It was so cute!)

Aunt Kristen and Will

Will and Dada

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter weekend! We headed over to Dallas for LTC on Thursday, and then came back Saturday night to celebrate Easter at Southside and with my mom's side of the family. We got to see Matthew's parents too. I feel very blessed after being loved on all weekend.

Here are some pictures from today.

He loves to wave.

Aunt Andrea, Will, and Aunt Kristen

G-Daddy and Will

Will, Great Grammy Byars, and Great Pampaw Byars

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Will at 11 Months

Dear Will,

You are a 11 months old. As we approach your first birthday, my heart is growing very sentimental. I love you and want you to grow but it is terribly hard to believe that you are not a little baby anymore. You are your daddy's and my pride and joy. Your daddy still wants to hold you when we are in a crowd so that he can show you off to everyone we meet; especially at church. 

At the first of March, we weaned you and put you on a bottle only. It was a rough process for all three of us. I wanted to wean you before we went on our trip to Colorado so that we wouldn't inconvenience the rest of the group with our feeding schedule. It was rough. The only way you wanted to drink your formula is if we siphoned it into your mouth with a straw. It took forever to get through one meal. However, by the end of the trip you started drinking from the bottle and a few days later I could lay you down on a blanket and you could feed yourself. 

Also while we were on the trip to Colorado, you got your first set of teeth! Your two bottom teeth came in. A couple days ago, your top two teeth started to come in as well. Now we can feed you little bits of fruit and bread from the table. You also like to eat puffs, Cheerios, and little freeze dried yogurt bites. 

You are still spitting every time we feed you. It's our main struggle right now and I can't get you to obey. You make such a mess! I have started wearing an apron to feed you because I know you are going to spray me. We have tried squeezing your cheeks together so you can't spit, ending the meal early, time outs, and stern talking. Nothing seems to get through to you. You definitely have a stubborn streak. 

You look so old in the picture below. 

You can say so many words now. You still say "Da da" the most, but now you can say Mama, dog, done, bye, more, and hi. I think you are so smart to already know so many words at your age. 

You hate to wear shoes. Since you were born close to summer, I rarely put shoes on you as a baby because it was one of the hottest summers I can remember and I didn't see any reason to make you warmer than you needed to be. Plus, why does a baby need to wear shoes? It was probably a mistake because now you kick off your shoes as soon as I put them on. It looks like we are going to have another barefoot summer. I think boys look cuter with bare feet anyway.

You thought it was so fun to yank this hat off as soon as I put it on. You thought you were so funny! 

You are such a happy baby. That is the comment that I hear the most. You love to walk behind your dinosaur that your Aunt Andrea gave to you for Christmas. You can push the buttons on its head to play music or roar. You only want to hear the music, so you will beat that dinosaur until the music plays. As soon as you hear the music, you get a big smile, start dancing, and then start walking. You will not walk unless the dinosaur is playing music. 

Today, you took your first steps. *Sniff sniff* I was so proud yet so sad. There is no way that you can be old enough to be walking! I mean you still don't even crawl. How can you start walking? Your daddy was helping you stand up and you took 3 or 4 steps toward me before crashing into my lap. 

We love you so much. I have started planning your first birthday party; baseball themed of course. Have I told you yet how much I want to see you play some baseball? You are just precious and bring so much joy into our lives. I pray that God will make you into a man of integrity and that you will do many great things for His glory. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Reupholstered Chair

I finally finished it!!! I reupholstered my first chair and definitely learned a lot from the experience. Without further ado, here is what it looked like before.


Not too bad, right? There are definitely some flaws, but I love it and can't wait to do another one. I bought the blue and white chevron fabric at thefabricco.com. If anyone is interested, I might sell it so I can buy another chair to redo. Let me know!

On a side note, I bought a few new plates to update my hutch. I got the plates at Target.


I think it now has a more summery feel. (Is that a word?) My living room is almost finished. Just a few more pillows to make and then I will post some pictures. Thanks for stopping by!