Friday, February 3, 2012

Will at 9 Months

Dear Will,

You are nine months old today. You weigh about 21 pounds and are growing so big and strong. This week we went to Abilene and saw a lot of your relatives. Your Aunt Andrea just could not get enough of you. We went up to her office so she could show you off to her friends at work. She loves playing with you and making you laugh. 

Of course, G.G. was super excited to see you too. She wanted to hold you and play with you every second you were awake. She loves being with you and seeing how much you change between visits. She even took you to the store and bought you a new toy and a new pair of pajamas. G-Daddy loves you too. He can make you laugh more than anyone. He has told me in the past that he doesn't like little boys, but when you came along, you completely changed his mind. He loves you more than you know. 

Your Grandma and Possum love you too. You are so blessed to have such wonderful grandparents who care so much about you. You love to do Face Time on the iPhone and chat with them in between visits. Daddy definitely likes to show you off and wants them to see any new tricks that you have picked up. Possum loves to take you outside on their front porch and point out all the animals you can see and sing you songs. Grandma loves to cuddle with you and get your hugs and kisses. She takes such great care of you. I think she even enjoys changing your diapers. :) 

You love to stand up and have started letting go for a few seconds at a time. You still don't crawl or walk. I'm not worried though. I think you are going to be very coordinated like your Daddy and he didn't walk until he was about 14 months old. 

You are still a great eater. You love to eat all kinds of baby food. This month you learned how to feed yourself puffs. Once you got the first puff in your mouth, it only took a couple of weeks before you were feeding yourself with ease. I think you are so talented! You can feed yourself with your right hand and left hand, but you definitely prefer your right hand. 

Even though you are not crawling yet, you still want to move and have taken some hard falls recently. You threw yourself off of our purple chair and landed on your head on the wood floor. We felt awful and you cried and cried, but you actually got over it quicker than we anticipated. You are such a tough boy! You really hate being on your tummy and that's why I think you will never crawl but go straight to walking. 

You love your Daddy. You always want to sit with him in church. Last Sunday he preached, and you tried so hard to see around the people in front of you so you could see what he was doing. He loves you more than you know. Your face lights up when he walks in the door from work and you make him so happy. He tells me all the time how much he misses you when he is at work all day. 

I'm pretty sure you love me too. We are best buds and spend lots of time together. You love to give me kisses which just melts my heart. Lately you've been giving me lots of kisses and hugs and I am trying to treasure these moments because I know that will not always be the case. 

When you fall down and are crying, and your Daddy is comforting you, it takes everything in me to stop myself from taking you from him. Your Daddy is perfectly capable of comforting you when you are sad or hurt, but I feel like it needs to be me. I love you so much and don't ever want you to cry or be sad. You make my days so much better. You are so sweet and the most beautiful boy I have ever seen. I still catch myself staring at you and marveling at the little person that God created. You are breathtaking! 

Daddy and I are working on teaching you how to throw a baseball. You have really improved over the last few weeks. Daddy loves to take your little baseball with him so he can show others how talented you are. :) I can not wait to be sitting in the stands at your first little league game. I hope you love baseball, but if you don't that's ok. I just want to see one game. 

You have also started clapping and it is so cute. Almost every time you throw the baseball, you clap for yourself. I love that.  

We love you Will Walker. You are not really a baby anymore and I can't believe that in just three short months you will be one. Everyone tells me the time flies by, and I knew it would, but it is still hard to believe. Just know that you are surrounded by a great number of people who love and care for you. I pray that you will be courageous, will serve God with all of your heart and will love God and people.