Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Will at 8 Months

Dear Will,

You are eight months old today. Some days I look at you and feel like you look a lot different than the day before. That happened yesterday. You are starting to make new discoveries everyday and you are getting so heavy! You weigh about 21 pounds right now and I had to go and get you a new car seat today since your current car seat will only hold a 22 pound infant. I can't believe how the time is flying. Everyone told me it would, but it is still hard to believe. 

We bought you this swing, but you haven't really enjoyed it that much. This time you liked it a little more that the last time. 

You are eating all kinds of things now. I think your favorite is pears, but it is hard to tell because you are such a good eater and will eat anything we feed to you. Peaches always cause a funny face because they are so tart. I bought some pureed chicken today for you to try. Yum. :) 

I caught you screaming in this picture. You love to screech when you get excited! I call you my little screech owl. You have started doing this in worship on Sunday mornings which leaves me desperately searching for a pacifier to quiet you. Sometimes it is cute, but sometimes not so much. Your aunts and uncles like to mimic you and screech back at you each time you screech. 

Those eyes just make me melt. I think you are going to have gray eyes just like your G-Daddy. They are such a unique color. The girls are going to love those eyes. 

Your personality is really starting to come out. I think you are going to be outgoing and friendly. You are still smiling at any stranger who gives you any attention. Today in Target, four different women actually stopped what they were doing and came over to chat and flirt with you. You made their day by giving them that sweet smile. They wanted to know all about you. I think it is because you are the cutest baby they had ever seen. 

This picture cracks me up every time I see it. :) I love this expression.

I think you will be getting some teeth soon. It seems like your gums are really hurting you. I gave you a frozen grape for you to gnaw on today, and that seemed to help. 

You have also started waving more consistently at people except you wave backwards at yourself. It is so cute! You are also learning to clap your hands. 

These Polo shoes were a generous gift from your Aunt Kristen. She wanted to make sure you were a well dressed baby. :) The sweater and pants you are wearing are from your Aunt Andrea who also loves you very much. 

I love, love, love this picture! It is my favorite of the bunch. What a cute baby! 

You want to crawl and walk so bad. It makes you really mad that you can't just get up and go anytime you wish. Your favorite toys right now are your books and your baseball. We are so proud. 

Sometimes you drive us crazy with your hair pulling, spitting, pinching, and other miscellaneous disobedience, but we wouldn't trade being your parents for anything! Will, we love you so much! 

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  1. I loved reading all your dear will posts! This is something to treasure! The pictures and writings have such a sweet purpose! You are a wonderful mother!