Thursday, December 8, 2011

Coffee Table Redo

So, I painted my coffee table a few weeks ago. I bought this table and two matching side tables from my old roommate for about $15 if I remember correctly. I promptly painted them black, but now I am trying to lighten the feel of our home so I painted the coffee table white to match the dresser our TV sits on. 

This is the best before picture I could find. It used to have a plain round wooden knob on the drawer. I always forget to take before pictures! It is maddening. 

I replaced the old wooden knob with updated hardware.

I also sanded the edges to rough it up a little bit.  

I got a new rug too about a month ago. I have all my material to make new curtains and throw pillows, but I'm not starting on them until after Christmas is over because the new color scheme does not match my current Christmas decor. Now I've got to find the motivation to paint the side tables too. Does anyone want to volunteer to do this for me before it gets too cold? Merry Christmas! 


  1. Hi there! I found this blog entry via pinterest (searching for coffee table makeovers). Yours looks great! Amazing what a few coats of white paint can do. Quick question: what type of glaze did you use? Glazes are so expensive, I hate to trail-and-error! Thanks :)

  2. I didn't use a glaze. I wanted it to look worn, so I just painted it with a latex paint (I think it had a satin finish) and then sanded the edges. I didn't seal it either.