Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Headboard Reveal

A few weeks ago, I showed you this picture:

That piece of plywood turned into this headboard:

My inspiration was this headboard from West Elm. I would have just purchased it, but it wasn't as tall as I would have liked. My mattress sits up really tall, so my headboard has to be super tall to compensate. Therefore, I decided to make my own. My headboard cost me about $300 and the headboard from West Elm would have cost over $650 so I saved $350 by making it myself! 

I followed this tutorial, but I will give you some additional thoughts on my experience.

I used 1/2'' plywood and had it cut at Home Depot. I made legs from the remaining pieces of the plywood sheet and secured them with these metal brackets. I should have put metal brackets on the front and on the back to make it steadier, but our mattress holds it up against the wall, so it feels pretty secure. I drilled holes in the bottom of the legs and bolted the headboard to the metal frame of my bed instead of hanging it on the wall. 

My mom and I measured and drilled holes for the buttons using a small drill bit. I suggest using a large drill bit because it is very difficult to find the hole in the plywood once you have attached the button. I ended up redrilling all of the holes with a large bit.

I should have taken more pictures along the way, but here are some other tips:

* I used 4'' foam, but it is very expensive so you can definitely get away with using 2'' foam. I purchased it at JoAnn Fabric using a 50% off coupon, but it still accounted for most of my cost in this project.

* I went ahead and used the metal buttons because I couldn't find the plastic ones called for in the tutorial. They worked just fine for me. 

* Make sure to use a really thick thread like button thread instead of embroidery thread to secure the buttons. I used embroidery thread the first go round and the thread kept snapping on me, so I had to cut off all 24 buttons and start over with button thread. Trust me on this one. 

* My headboard measures 6 feet tall and I used the standard measurement of a queen headboard for the width which is found on the West Elm or any furniture website.

Here is my bedroom pre-headboard.

We are planning on hanging reading lamp sconces on either side of the bed. Hence the holes drilled in the walls.

We got a new light fixture too! 

Stay tuned for more updates to our bedroom......

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  1. Aaahhhh!!!! It looks fantastic! I KNOW you worked really, really hard on this! Fabbo!