Wednesday, November 30, 2011

25 Day Hair Challenge

I have become very lazy with my hair. I fix it the same way almost everyday. On day 1, I wash it, blow dry it and straighten it so that it looks like this:

On day 2, it usually ends up in a pony tail. If I ever get to day 3, I am looking really rough and my husband usually asks me when was the last time I took a shower. :) 

So, I have decided to give myself a 25 Day Hair Challenge. Starting on December 1st and ending on Christmas Day, I will attempt a new hairstyle everyday. I will be posting my new hairstyle on my blog each day. I have no idea if I can come up with 25 different looks, but I will do my best. I never learned how to do a good french braid, so you will have to forgive any of my attempts to braid.

Please, please send me any hairstyles you want me to try or you think would look good on my head. Stay tuned....

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