Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The last couple of years I have had good intentions to carve my pumpkins, but it seems like every year Halloween comes and goes and my pumpkin is left to rot on the front porch in it's original form.  This year I decided to paint my pumpkins instead after I saw this.  

I asked the guys at the farmer's market how they get the pumpkins so shiny like the one on the far right and they told me to use floor wax. I tried some floor cleaner that I had at the house and it cleaned the two pumpkins on the left well but did not leave them as shiny. 

I used this paint to paint on the pumpkins.

I was really excited to use the glow in the dark paint to do our family's initial, but after putting it outside I realized that we rarely turn the porch light off. Bummer. I used a little left over tulle to dress it up.


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