Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Today, we drove over to Dallas to go to the Dallas Arboretum with some friends. They had thousands of pumpkins, a petting zoo, face painting, and a hay maze. We got there a little early so I could feed Will before we started taking pictures. I decided to feed him in the car and left the radio on, which was really stupid because it drained my car battery. :( This place was really busy so I was afraid that there wouldn't be an open parking spot next to my car when we decided to leave to pull up my friend's car in order to jump start the battery. I simply prayed about it, and God answered my prayer! He is so faithful and I feel so foolish every time I doubt him. He also kept us safe on our drive home when we ran over a box with a satellite dish in it on the highway. A nap was definitely deserved when we got home. 

I made Will a Texas Rangers uniform to celebrate the Rangers going to the World Series. 

Sliding home....

Will is very upset that the Rangers lost in a heartbreaking series to the St Louis Cardinals. 

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  1. Lauren, he is the cuttest baby ever.... Love his outfit.