Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Family Vacation

We took our first family vacation this last week to San Antonio where we stayed at the Omni Hotel on the River Walk. We didn't do much but eat, sleep and read, but it was just what we needed after a hectic summer. Will did a great job traveling. We stopped in San Marcos on the way down to shop at the outlet mall and took a detour to Fredericksburg on the way home to see all the cute shops. I love getting to stay in a nice hotel where I don't have to worry about cooking or cleaning. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Three Months Old

Dear Will,

You are 3 months old and are such a joy! You are smiling and talking so much now. Your father and I could spend hours hovering over you as you talk to us and smile at us. We just watch you in amazement and laugh together. We can't wait to see what personality you will have when you are older. 

You are sleeping through the night now. Praise the Lord! I thought that day would never come. You are also sleeping in your own room now in your own crib. The first time you slept in your room was not nearly as traumatic to your mother as I thought it would be. I want you near me all the time, but I realize that you are growing up and it is time for you to be a big boy and sleep in your own room. 

You love to be naked! If you are ever so fussy that we can't get you calmed down, then we just take your clothes off and sometimes even your diaper and that always brings a smile to your face. 

You still love to stare at lights and fans and more than anything you love to stare at the birds on your bouncer. Sometimes I will walk in the room and you are just smiling and talking to those birds. Maybe you will be an animal lover. 

You love snuggling with your mom. It makes me so happy to hold you as you drift off to sleep. I try to treasure these moments because one day you will be too big for me to rock. You are growing up so fast. 

Your daddy and I love you so much Will. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

1st Rangers Game

We took Will to see his first Rangers Game a couple of weeks ago. The Clintons invited us after they won some free tickets to the game and our seats were perfect for taking Will! We sat on the second to last row from the top of the third deck. There were only a few people sitting behind us, so when Will was fussy, we were able to stand up at the back and calm him down. Also, these seats were completely shaded and there was a nice breeze which was nice since it was around 105 at the first pitch. We think Will is a good luck charm because we beat the Minnesota Twins 20-6 that night. Will did a great job at the game until the 7th inning. He definitely was done with the game but we stuck it out till the end and that night was the first night he slept the entire night. We definitely wore him out. Here are some pictures from that night: