Saturday, July 16, 2011


On July 6, 2011 our precious little Pekingese, Bella, passed away. We were staying with my parents in Abilene and somehow she accidentally fell in their pool and drowned. It was very tragic and heartbreaking for our family. Matthew and I got Bella at the local animal shelter for our first Christmas six years ago. 

She was a good dog, but very high maintenance. We were worried how she would treat Will when we brought him home from the hospital, but she was great. She watched over and protected him. She would regularly sit next to him when we put him down in his bouncy seat. 

She was also a good companion to Brinkley, even though she was a little bossy and wouldn't let Brinkley have dinner until she had eaten first. 

We will miss you Bella. We wish you were still here with us, but we enjoyed the time we had with you while you were here. Love you. 

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