Monday, March 14, 2011

Abilene Shower

This last weekend, I went to Abilene to have my first baby shower. I have the best friends! They threw me a beautiful shower and I felt so blessed and loved. The shower was held in the fellowship hall of my church back in Abilene. It was so good to see people who I haven't seen in months and I wish that I would have had more time to chat with everyone.

I am on prenatal vitamins so that Will and I stay strong and healthy. They have made my hair grow like crazy, so don't judge all of the new baby hairs along the top of my scalp. If anyone knows how to make these stay swept back or to the side, please let me know. :) I have tried everything and it is making me nuts!

Me and my sisters

The lamb that my mom gave to Will. Isn't it sweet? It is just as soft as it looks.

My mom and sweet mother-in-law

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