Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Step One: Paint the Nursery

Over President's Day weekend, Kristi (a good friend of mine), my husband and I painted the baby's nursery. It felt so good to get such a big task completed! We choose to paint all of the walls Pewter Cup (by Kelly Moore) which is a dark gray. My aunt is an amazing interior decorator and has been helping me plan out the nursery. Originally, we had discussed painting three walls gray and doing the wall behind the crib a different color as an accent wall, but then we decided to paint a lattice design instead. It was very time consuming, but turned out amazing! Here is how we did it (you will have to forgive my pictures; they were all done with an iPhone):

1. Paint the entire wall the color that you want your stripes to be. We wanted the stripes to be white, so we primed the wall and then painted it white.

2. Find the middle of the wall and draw a straight and level vertical line. We used a laser level to accomplish this, but you can also use a plumb line. (Sorry, I didn't take a picture of the next few steps.)

3. Cut out a 16 in. x 16 in. piece of poster board that you know is a perfect square. 

4. Hold the poster board at the top of the wall, on the line you drew, on a diagonal. Make sure the points are perfectly lined up with the drawn line.

5. Trace your square.

6. Use 2 inch painter's tape on the outside of the square you traced. I tried not to break a piece of tape from the top of the wall to the bottom of the wall. That way I knew that I had a perfectly straight line. I smoothed the tape down a few feet and let the rest hang until I had worked my way down the wall stenciling.

7. Keep stenciling with your square of poster board and double check to make sure that it is level every few squares.

8. When you are done taping, paint over all of the tape with the color of the stripes in order to seal the tape. We painted all of the tape white so that any bleeding that occurred under the tape would match the stripe. 

9. Paint the wall with the color of the squares. We put 2 coats of gray paint on the wall. 

10. Peel the tape off while your last coat of paint is still a little wet so that the paint doesn't peel off with it. We had a little bleeding occur with the gray paint, but were able to fix it in no time with a little bit of white paint. 

Tada! I love it! Every time I walk by this room, I have to stop in the doorway and stare a little bit. Thanks to Kristi and Matthew for helping me with this crazy, time consuming project!  Next step is to build out the closet.