Friday, January 21, 2011

Sister Sister

Today, I want to introduce to you my sweet sisters.

I am the oldest of 3 girls. My younger sisters are Andrea (right) and Kristen (middle).

We are all 2 years apart.

We have always been close, but now that we are adults, we can finally call each other friends.
(I'm not going to lie. We fought just as much as other brothers and sisters, but since we moved so much in our younger years, we have a deep bond.)

This is my sweet Daddy. He has always done a good job putting up with us and spoiling us greatly. :)

Andrea (middle in this picture and middle child) is a CPA in Abilene, TX. She is the toughest girl I have ever been around. I mean that as a compliment. She played soccer in high school and has a black belt in Karate. Growing up, she was the tomboy of the family. She said when she grew up she wanted to work on a ranch and drive a teal truck. You would always find her playing with the other boys on the playground. She is very protective of her family, so don't mess with us. :)

Kristen (middle in this picture and baby of the family) is a CPA in Dallas, TX. She was always the social butterfly of the family. She has a great sense of style (don't judge her by this picture), is a great shopping partner and is always supportive of her family members. Growing up, she was one of the most generous children I had ever been around. I remember her winning a gift card as a child and instead of spending it on herself (which is what I would have done), she chose to take the entire family out to dinner. She has a very sweet heart.

(I really do have a mom; she is just not in any of these pictures. You will meet her later.)

(Andrea, Lauren, and Kristen)

This is the most recent picture taken of us.

As you can tell, we love each other very much.

Love you sissies!

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