Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Restful Weekend

This weekend my husband and I were determined to relax. Friday night, we attended the Fort Worth Christian varstiy football game where one of our kids from church was playing. The Cardinals did a great job and ended up winning the game and we got to see our friend score a touchdown! Here is a post-game picture.

My husband is the youth minister at our church. We love the kids in our youth group so much and are so proud when they succeed.

On Saturday our plan was to try to not leave the house. We ended up leaving once to go to the store, but all in all it was a very relaxing day. My husband and I spent last year reading through the Harry Potter series for the first time, so now we are trying to catch up on watching the related movies. We watched Harry Potter #1 and #2. While I was watching the movies, I also worked on my craft business. Here are some items that I created. I have a craft fair coming up in October, so I am trying to stock up on my items.

If you want to purchase any of my items, please visit my Etsy shop.
On Sunday we spent time watching the Cowboys lose. Again. Why do they have to disappoint us year after year? Weren't they supposed to be good this year? A lot of our friends were able to come over after church and eat lunch with us while we all watched the game. I am so thankful that we go to a church that loves us so much and I'm also thankful for the wonderful friends we have made over the last 3 years.

That was it. I hope you were able to enjoy your weekend as much as I did and get some relaxation. What did you do this weekend?

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